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SuperFox® Hand-O-Matic is the first of its kind for hand and machine wash. It is specially formulated with special active enzymes which helps excellent fabric wash. It comes with special long lasting fragrance to make your clothes smell good. 

Available in 5 Ltrs, 2 Ltrs and 1.2 Ltrs packing.

SuperFox Liquid Detergent
SuperFox® Hand-O-Matic Fabric Liquid Detergent 1.2 Ltrs
SuperFox Bathroom Cleaner
SuperFox® Bathroom Cleaner & Sanitizer 500ml

5in1 Shine master

SuperFox® Shine Master is a Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner which is specialized in bathroom cleaning. Its 5in1 formula helps in germ killing and gives the bathroom a supreme shine with ultimate freshness. It is anti-bacterial and good for tough stains removal. 

Available in 5 Ltrs, 2 Ltrs and 500ml packing.


SuperFox® Germ Blaster+ is a Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner which is specialized in toilet cleaning. Its SuperX formula with special thickness gives an ultimate shine & whiteness effect. It is anti-bacterial and removes tough stains & spots easily. 

Available in 5 Ltrs, 2 Ltrs, 1 Ltr and 500ml packing.

SuperFox® Germ Blaster Toilet Cleaner 1 Ltr


FLOVR Industries Vision

Our Vision

To become one of the leading FMCG Company in India by being a part of every Indian household. We aim to provide the widest range of food, beverages, home, and personal care products of top quality to our customers all around the world. We have our future plans to extend our operations to African, Gulf and South East Asian markets in the export sector with the most satisfactory and quality products to our customers.

FLOVR Industries Commitment

Our Commitment

We are dedicated for giving our customers the best of products supported by excellent service back-up with a focus on five main characteristics i.e. quality, reliability, customer service, uniqueness and value for the money.

FLOVR Industries Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to care for the satisfaction of our customers while providing them with the quality products that they will enjoy. We will be coming up with new and innovative products in the coming future. Our top priority is to provide quality products to our customers which will help us to popularize our brands.

FLOVR Industries Motto

Our Motto

We have a motto, "CARING YOUR SATISFACTION" which we strongly stick to. We care for the satisfaction of our customers and we are happy only when we see a smile on their faces.

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